Urnss History

You Are the Next Super Star

Dongguan Urnss Beauty Co.,Ltd and Urnss Beauty & Makeup Co.,Ltd(Hong Kong), with the company spirit of “You are the Next Super Star” as our guidance, aim to design and manufacture Skin care & Makeup products at superior quality for our customers. Our brand is named URNSS.


In 2008, we did research and development on straight round and corrugated PBT plastic brush for a large amount of Makeup brush manufacturing companies from China and overseas, providing high-elastic synthetic PBT-PET fiber to the oil painting brush market. We got started to enter into the makeup brush industry and won a very good reputation from Dior/Bobbi Brown/Elizabeth Arden suppliers. With the progress of building a long-term cooperation with them, we have developed new types of makeup brush hair samples to these suppliers every year for trial usage and selection.


In 2009, we developed highly rigid PPT brush fiber and the overall sales scale of our company got to the Top 3 in the local makeup brush industry.


In 2010, we became one of the suppliers for several famous makeup brush brands in domestic and abroad by producing high imitation animal hair such as weasel tail (weasel tail’s hair), goat hair and raccoon hair.


In 2011, we developed nylon and PBT plastic fiber, super soft and fine for personal skin care & cleansing, and we got a good marketing response after launching on the market.


In 2012, we focused on toothbrush market and made cost-effective nylon brush fiber which had excellent property of resilience, anti-abrasion, corrosion & heat resistance, anti-fatigue and wearability. Meantime, we also developed high-grade toothbrush with nylon6/66/1010/12/46 brush fiber to meet the multiple needs in this market.


In 2013, we did research and studies on anti-counterfeiting, anti-bacterial and mildew, anti-static, electric conduction and flame retardant functional brush and got the recognized certificates from professional testing organizations in Japan and America. At the beginning of this year, OBSESS Makeup department was established to provide more makeup brush series to our original brand clients. We developed POBLING facial cleansing brush head for HABALAN in south Korea in April. From September to June, 2014, we have been produced over 3.5 million pieces of facial cleansing brush head for 3 Korean brands including HABALAN. Due to a lot of fake products of this type, we started to develop our own facial cleansing brush—Rainbow series and then added another Daisy series. At the meantime, we developed mini Double-level round brush head particularly for the black head on wing of nose. We firstly manufactured for Korean clients and then Taiwanese customers also purchased, bringing a new trend to overseas market.


In 2014, we got into the terminal manufacturing in the makeup industry by utilizing our long term accumulated production technology and experience in health and personal care products. And we set up Dongguan Fan Yu Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd and Urnss Beauty & Makeup Co.,Ltd (Hong Kong) ,for development in high-end products from a global perspective and constant innovation of production technology. We have also applied for patents for a number of new practical components and products. Meanwhile, we had our URNSS brand registered in the United States and launched more newly developed products to global market and add hair beauty tools (hair straightener and curlers ) , eye beauty(eyelash), skin care equipments(skin treatment machine/laser hair removing machine/face cleansing and demabrasion equipment, etc), nail beauty products and equipment, officially entering into the personal care and beauty makeup tool industry.


In 2015, we integrated company resources and started to sell our products on famous global B2C platforms besides keeping B2B OEM business for brand clients. In domestic market, we enhanced brand building for URNSS brand and make new vertical selling process for both online and offline.

At the very beginning of its founding, Urnss strictly implement the pro-environment policies and make every effort to improve its products’ functions to meet consumers’ needs. On the other side, Urnss keep cultivating innovative and diversified personnel and make commitment to achieve our ultimate mission by sustainable means -- Urnss would help you and ourselves to be the Next Super Star in future.